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Airbrush Spray Tanning Preparation

A good spray tan starts with the preparation!

Scrub down

Your entire body 24-48 hours prior to your session. Use a dry brush or loofah. Do not use any sugary scrubs, oily exfoliators, or soaps that contain moisturizers to exfoliate with on the day of your spray tan.


Hair removal (waxing & shaving), manicure and pedicure appointments should be done 24-hours prior to your session. Hair salon appointments may be done prior to your tan or after your first rinse.

Fresh Skin

Skin should be clean, dry and free of any sweat, makeup, creams, oil, deodorant and perfume. These products will hinder the tan solution from adhering to your skin.


Keep your skin moisturized for days leading up to your tan. 

During the spray...

You will undress to your comfort level. Females may opt to go completely nude. If you are planning on wearing undergarment during your session, please make sure they are dark. Males must wear undergarment. Crazy Sexy Tans offer disposable thongs for woman at no additional cost.

Immediately following your spray...

Be prepared to put on dark, loose clothing to change into immediately after your tanning appointment. If you are staying home, no shoes is recommended. Remain in loose clothing for 8-10 hours after your appointment. Tanning solution requires air in order to dry and process properly.

Important to know...

You will want to remain cool and dry for 8-10 hours while your tan is developing. Avoid sweating, contact with water and do not apply any liquid products to your skin during this time.

Keep in mind...

Tanning solutions contain a cosmetic bronzer that can transfer onto clothing. Don’t worry! It washes out!  Please also understand that the cosmetic bronzer is a temporary color and will rinse off after your first shower.  At that point your actual spray tan color will appear.

After care instructions

Follow the instructions below to ensure the longest lasting, best fading tan!

-Wait 8-12 hours before rinsing off in the shower.  Do not use any soaps during this shower, just rinse to allow your tan more time to develop. You will see some color coming off your skin, this is normal.  This is just the cosmetic bronzer, not your tan!

-Planning on sleeping in your spray tan and rinsing in the morning? No problem! These items may sound extreme, but after years of spray tanning, I continue to do them. Wear a light weight long sleeve shirt and light weight pants while sleeping.  Try to minimize sweating, a fan is recommended if you typically sweat. If you sleep with your hands directly on your skin, wear loose socks over them. To simplify this, no skin on skin contact!

-No shaving for 16-24 hours after your spray tan.

-Pat dry with your towel, do not rub.

-Try to avoid products with mineral oil and petroleum oil.  Do not use Dove products.  All of these things can lead to a blotchy bad fading tan.

-Apply lotion after your 1st rinse and 2-3 times a day after that. Use a thin, natural lotion as opposed to a thick body cream. In keeping your skin well hydrated, you will slow down your skin's natural exfoliation process which will help your tan last longer.

-To maintain your tan, schedule a sunless session every 7-10 days. It is recommended that every 5 weeks, you give your skin 10 days to start fresh again!

-Our products do NOT provide UV protection. Please wear sunscreen! 

-Your spray tan should last at least a week on your body with proper care. You may use Insta-Bronze aerosol tanning mist on your face, hands and feet, as these areas tend to fade more quickly. This product is available for sale by Crazy Sexy Tans.

This may seem lots allot, but after a couple sprays you'll know what works best for you. 

Still have questions? Give us a call at (720) 326-4869.